DMI in practical use

Automatic archiving of ERP documents 

An ERP system in use by a business enterprise creates during the job processing different types of documents. For example order confirmations, delivery notes and invoices.
With an export routine those documents are affected with a meta data file (ini,dat...) and stored in a transfer folder. DMI monitors this folder and imports any file to ELO which is matching to the defined import type.
In combination with UDS for ELO it would be possible to use customer data from other data sources (CRM systems) for the keywording.

Automatic archiving of delivery notes

The transport business of an express company is processed by several partner companies. For the accounting purposes it is necessary to submit the single documents. Partner companies are uploading the scanned documents via internet to the express company's server.
DMI for ELO recognises the documents respecting the folder structure and file name. Within the automatic archiving process a confirmation document will be created and send to the partner companies via internet.

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