UDS in practical use

Most different scenarios in the field of Enterprise Content Management can be realised with UDS for ELO.

Customer information

Having ELO in use as an information system UDS for ELO supports users doing the keywording of engine related test documents in a big engineering company. After inserting an engine identifier more than 30 addtional data fields are called from the connected oracle data base system and inserted into the ELO index fields. This functionality allows processing customer requests explicetly in the ELO system. 


Archiving incoming invoices

After the booking process of incoming invoices in the financial accounting system barcode labels will be attached to the documents. In a central scanning process those documents will be scanned subsequently and the automised barcode analysis proceeds. In the next step the document will be indexed with the booking information data based on the recognised barcode and archived to the designated creditor folder respecting the booking date.


Archiving delivery notes

Delivery notes will be printed with 2 different barcodes. The first one contains the actual information the other one serves as control barcode. After confirming the receipt customer scans all documents which were automatically archived. In case customer denies the receipt the control barcode will be effaced by the delivery man. As a result when archiving the document now a workflow will be started automatically.

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