Discover UDS for ELO and get an impression about the performance and easy handling of this product.

Database connection to ELO within 2 minutes 

This video shows how to install UDS for ELO and establish a database connection to the ELO client within only 2 minutes. A faster and more comfortable way to connect a database to ELO does rather not exist.
Total length: 3:06

Plugin Barcode

This video shows how to process documents automatically with UDS using the plugin Barcode.
Total length: 2:33

Plugin Serverside Processing (SPROC)

With UDS for ELO Plugin "serverside Processing sproc" a completely automized archiving process can be realised. Barcode detection, keywording and the document archiving will be done on the server side.
Total length: 3:49

Plugin Workflow 

In this video we want to show you how to setup and use the UDS for ELO workflow plugin. You can connect a datasource also to the form based ELO workflow.
Total length: 3:12